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Maximising Return on Investment

Hot water heating is one of the biggest consumers of power in a household. Gas and electric hot water systems cost you money every day they run. Your hard earned cash down the drain!

Our secret is the Air 2 Energy Technology in our Thermal Batteries. This provides 4 to 5 times more efficiency.

Minimal power usage = generous REBATES. 

Combined with your Solar Power, they can even be FREE to run. 

By simply joining the Complete Thermal Battery Revolution, in many cases the return on investment can be as low as 1 to 3 years.

The time has never been better to replace your clunky and costly hot water system with a Thermal Battery.

Complete Thermal Battery Revolution

What is a Thermal Battery?

If you have Solar Power, I’m sure you have thought about a ‘chemical’ battery, like a Tesla PowerWall. While these are coming down in price, they are still expensive and do not attract Government Rebates in Perth.

A ‘thermal’ battery on the other hand, stores energy as hot water for use when you want to shower.

This video explains in more detail how to maximise your savings with the Complete Thermal Battery solution

Show Transcript of Video

Thank you for joining us. Today we have a short guide to what makes the Complete Thermal Battery in Perth.

Before we get into thermal batteries let us first cover solar power basics in Perth. This is our daily timeline from when we wake up to the left of the line, to lunch time in the middle, ending on the right when we go to bed.

The Gold line is our Solar Power Generation, also called Photovoltaics or PV for short.

The Electrical use is shown with a blue line. Yes this would typically be all over the place in a normal household, but to explain the concept a straight line is easy right!

When the Solar Power is not generating you are paying approximately 30 cents per unit of electricity. This would of course be typical during the early morning, evening and at night.

So the Gold is FREE electricity. The solid blue is the power utilities actually offering you a token gesture of approximately 8 cents per unit if you don’t use your solar power.

In essence, you are being encouraged to use more electricity from your solar power and less in the evening, night time and morning. This important concept is how you will get your best Payback or Investment Return on your solar power system here in Perth.

Now let us get back to the concept of a thermal battery and our daily timeline again.

Most households use the majority of hot water for showers or bathing, typically in the morning and evening. The Orange line shows Thermal Energy Demand. Or more simply put, your consumption of hot water in the bathroom.

Conventional storage hot water systems, be it gas or electric, will have a small amount of hot water stored. These are on-duty to re-heat as needed. They do not have the best insulation and they kick in throughout the day to keep the tank warm. This is demonstrated in green in our illustrative example.

Let us now overlay our Solar Power system using the same gold line. Imagine an electric hot water system that only operates during the day, using this completely free solar power you have available.

Well you have it! This is the basic concept of a thermal battery.

The First of Three requirements for a complete thermal battery is Timed Control. This is where you take control over when the electric system heats so it only operates during daylight hours

Now we have the concept of a basic thermal battery, let’s think about size.

In this example shows the problem with undersizing the storage tank volume. You can see energy will need to be bought from the grid to keep up with demand. Or the alternative would be someone having a cold shower! I’m sure you agree, this is not what anyone wants.

This brings us to the Second of Three requirements for a complete thermal battery. The size of the thermal battery must be larger than the Consumption of Thermal Energy. Or if that sounds like physics, to put this more simply, the litres of the hot water tank must be greater than the daily use of hot water.

Let’s return back to our illustrative example, but consider what happens on overcast and rainy days.

You guessed it, there is less sun, translating to less solar power generation. Moreover we use more hot water, as let’s face it, we all love a longer hotter shower in winter. So our Thermal Energy Consumption goes up, but Solar PV generation goes down. More draw from the grid is needed in this example.

What is also generally under appreciated in households, is that energy used for hot water if typically the largest consumer of energy. That’s right, the energy used for hot water is normally greater than that for air conditioning. We have discussed attempts to utilise solar power. But in real case scenarios there is a desire to have more electricity available for other household electrical appliances to run during the day.

So now I ask you the big question, can you reduce the energy used for hot water? I don’t expect you will want to reduce the time you have in the shower by say, half, or even a third. “No we don’t” I hear you say! So let me introduce to you another concept. What about if we could more efficiently use the electricity to heat the water.

It is possible to reduce the electricity consumption for hot water generation by 4 to 5 times. By utilising Air to Energy Technology. This technology, similar to air conditioning in design, is nothing new, the difference now is we are harnessing energy from the air to heat water very efficiently.

Your Third, Final and most important requirement for the Complete Thermal Battery is the efficient use of energy.

To summarise these concepts discussed. You probably purchased a solar power system to cover household use for as many electrical appliances as possible, to ultimately reduce your bills. Many thermal battery systems on the market meet the requirements of timed control and size of storage. But as you now know, to achieve the complete thermal battery solution you need to maximise efficiency. You will achieve this with a Thermal Battery from Ureco. Our 10 years of experience in the market will help you, to future-proof yourself against rising utility bills.

Browse your options here on perththermalbattery.com.au by household size. We offer two ranges of products. Our Ultra range has the air to energy technology separate from the tank to provide more thermal storage for larger demands.

We look forward to hearing from you and get you saving more with ureco, the hot water experts.

Thermal Battery TB200 and TB250

Our Thermal Batteries Feature:

  • Clever Australian designs to save you more money
  • Thick polyurethane insulated tanks to efficiently store the thermal energy
  • All our thermal batteries get Rebates, some of the highest available.

Why buy from us at URECO:

  • Perth based company specialising in Air to Energy systems for 10+ years
  • Fantastic aftersales service, backed up by our 5 star online reviews
  • We provide the rebate up front & a seamless transition to your new setup

URECO Thermal Battery Range

Integrated Series where the Compressor is connected into the top of the tank.

Integrated Series EH200 EH250
Household Size
Dimensions (H*W*D) 1670 x 600 x 629 mm 1965 x 600 x 629 mm
Major Component Warranty 5 Years 5 Years
Storage Volume 200 lit. 250 lit.
Stored Thermal Energy ~12.8 kW ~16.0 kW
Value of Rebate $1015 $1015

The Ultra Series are Market Leading Japanese Made Split Systems.

The compressor is seperate from the tank assisting with install flexibility and tank volume (4 sizes available, most popular below).

The bigger the tank, the larger the Thermal Battery!

Ultra Series RE315 RE400
Household Size
Tank Dimensions (H*diameter) 1765 x 617 mm 1703 x 705 mm
Air to Energy Unit Dimensions (H*W*D) 675 x 825 x 300 mm 675 x 825 x 300 mm
Major Component Warranty Tank 10 Yrs. Air to Energy Unit 6 Yrs. Tank 10 Yrs. Air to Energy Unit 6 Yrs.
Storage Volume 323 lit. 420 lit.
Stored Thermal Energy ~20 kW ~26 kW
Value of Rebate $1120 $1015

Grab Rebates.

Get Free Hot Water.

Go a Thermal Battery by URECO.

Happy Air to Energy Customers around Perth

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't have solar power yet?

Air 2 Energy Technology is cheaper to run than any gas or electric hot water system. If you have solar power the minimal running power requirement can be covered. Without solar power you still save heaps of cash.

If you buy a solar power system in the future then the units running requirements can be optimised for solar power then. It’s as easy as setting those bed side alarm clocks we have/had!

Why is Air 2 Energy Technology better than traditional solar hot water?

Traditional solar hot water is old technology. Some people love ’em, others don’t. Their weight on roof, accessibility and requirement for boosting are reasons you might not like them.

Our Air 2 Energy Technology can save you more money than traditional solar. In fact, it gets higher Rebates due to its efficiency. Furthermore its easier to install, leading to a cheaper upfront price.

The other advantage for solar power users is Air 2 Energy Technology takes no further space on the roof. They compliment each other, hence the term Thermal Battery.

What areas do you cover?

Perth metro installation (Inc Yanchep to Mandurah, Fremantle to Perth Hills and Armadale). We can service areas outside this at additional cost.

So how much does all this cost?

For an immediate quote simply complete the WebForm above. You will then get the electronic Guide to Free Hot Water and your personalised Quote. Please make sure you check your spam if it’s not in your inbox.

Alternatively you can call us on 6222 6676.

What are my payment options?

Payment can be made by EFT, Credit Card with NO surcharges (Visa, Mastercard or Amex accepted). A $500 deposit is required with the rest payable once installed.

But we are sure you won’t pay us anything without a quote first! Just simply complete the Contact Us Form and we will email this to you.

What are your normal business hours?

You can get a quote straight away by completing the Contact Us Form.

Business hours are 7am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, excluding Public Holidays. We have an out of hours message service for emergency/urgent situations. You leave a message and we will call you back.

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